Q: What strategies can staff nurses use when they feel disrespected or unsupported by a nurse leader’s decision?

A: Stephanie Meyer, RN, MS-FNP, NEA-BC, replies:

Situations are always tough when you adamantly disagree with a decision made by your boss. These situations become even trickier when you feel disrespected or not supported by their decision. How do you respectfully disagree with the person who may hold your career in their hands? Findings from a study of more than 20 000 employees across various organizations showed that respect is the number 1 thing people want from their leader. Respect ranked higher than recognition, feedback, and leading with vision.

If you find yourself feeling disrespected or unsupported, it is important to remember that you were hired for a reason. Organizations have many choices when hiring new nurses, and they chose you. To grow as a professional and be successful in your...

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