Kersey-Matusiak G. Springer Publishing; 2019. Paperback; 347 pages.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are coming to the forefront of nursing care skills, knowledge, and abilities. Social determinants for a population are not the only contributors to health. We are also learning that providing the same care and applying the same research evidence to all patients do not work.

Delivering Culturally Competent Nursing Care is a textbook; it is not light reading. However, we should all include this content in our library to inform our care.

The book is divided into 2 sections. The first part focuses on building cultural competency skills by defining the concept, explaining the use of models and guidelines, and discussing how to work with culturally diverse colleagues. The second part is built around the needs of various populations, such as those who speak a different language, practice a different religion, or are morbidly obese.

Kersey-Matusiak uses...

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