The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic has led to escalating infection rates and associated deaths worldwide. Amid this public health emergency, the urgent need for palliative care integration throughout critical care settings has never been more crucial.


To promote palliative care engagement in critical care; share palliative care resources to support critical care nurses in alleviating suffering during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic; and make recommendations to strengthen nursing capacity to deliver high-quality, person-centered critical care.


Palliative and critical care literature and practice guidelines were reviewed, synthesized, and translated into recommendations for critical care nursing practice.


Nurses are ideally positioned to drive full integration of palliative care into the critical care delivery for all patients, including those with coronavirus disease 2019, given their relationship-based approach to care, as well as their leadership and advocacy roles. Recommendations include the promotion of healthy work environments and prioritizing nurse self-care in alignment with critical care nursing standards.


Nurses should focus on a strategic integration of palliative care, critical care, and ethically based care during times of normalcy and of crisis. Primary palliative care should be provided for each patient and family, and specialist services sought, as appropriate. Nurse educators are encouraged to use these recommendations and resources in their curricula and training. Palliative care is critical care. Critical care nurses are the frontline responders capable of translating this holistic, person-centered approach into pragmatic services and relationships throughout the critical care continuum.

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