Sherman RO. Published by Rose Sherman; 2021. Paperback; 258 pages.

Some nurses are called to leadership. An effective nursing leader needs many skills, and the career path often includes obtaining a graduate education and gaining clinical expertise. In addition, nursing leaders should continue to learn from experts on current thinking to be successful. In The Nuts and Bolts of Nursing Leadership: Your Toolkit for Success, the author defines the areas of accountability of a nursing leader, specifically of the nurse manager, and incorporates key points from established leadership experts.

The book is organized into 5 parts: Transitioning Into Leadership, Communicating and Collaborating in Leadership Roles, Leading High Performance Teams, Leading in Organizations, and Your Leadership Toolkit. In each part, the chapters start with foundational information and continue to expand on that information. In addition, chapters include key points and references. The final part, Your Leadership Toolkit, contains actionable...

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