Berger J. Simon & Schuster; 2020. Hardcover; 288 pages.

Change is hard. Changing someone’s mind is even harder. In The Catalyst, Berger explains that change is difficult because we often go about it the wrong way. He suggests that the way to influence others is by becoming a catalyst—someone who persuades others by removing barriers to change instead of pushing an agenda. Everyone has something they want to change either in their personal or professional lives. The concepts presented in this book may be applied to many situations we encounter in health care, such as educating patients, leading evidence-based practice change projects, or implementing new protocols.

The book consists of 5 chapters. In each chapter, Berger focuses on a roadblock to overcome and provides a short case study that illustrates how to reduce the barriers to change. The author introduces the acronym REDUCE (reduce Reactance, ease Endowment, shrink...

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