Brown B. Random House; 2021. Hardcover; 336 pages.

Finding the right words to describe a feeling should be easy enough. But is it? The COVID-19 pandemic has taught nurses many things, and one of the biggest lessons is the importance of using the right words to describe a state of mind to avoid being misunderstood. From the nurses who have worked tirelessly at the frontline, to the managers who have worked behind the scenes to support their staff, to the invaluable nursing assistants and technicians, as health care professionals nurses are utterly exhausted. What nurses have experienced is more than burnout; it is more than compassion fatigue. Nurses are traumatized. In addition, nurses feel invisible in many ways. Invisibility, in Brené Brown’s latest book Atlas of the Heart, is defined as

No one shows up to work to feel invisible. Nurses show up to work to make a...

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