Patterson J, Eversmann M, Mooney C. Little, Brown and Company; 2021. Hardcover; 304 pages.

Patterson and Eversmann’s newest book is titled E.R. Nurses; however, it features first-person narratives from nurses who work in a wide variety of units, not just the emergency department. The book is divided into 4 parts: Day Shift, Night Shift, Flight Shift, and Thank You. In the Day Shift and Night Shift sections, nurses from many areas in the hospital—including the emergency department, intensive care unit, surgical floor, and pediatrics department share their stories. Vignettes from nurses working as travel nurses, nursing educators, school nurses, nurse practitioners, nursing supervisors, organ procurement nurses, and consultants, as well as in the military, are also included. These nurses work in a variety of institutions, including large academic medical centers, small community hospitals, and clinics.

The nurses’ stories are all different. Many discuss why they wanted to be a nurse—it...

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