Neff K. Harper Wave; 2021. Hardcover; 384 pages.

A follow-up to Neff’s first book on the same topic, Fierce Self-Compassion, builds on her original under-standing of self-compassion as “tender self-compassion” and adds that tender self-compassion is only one element of the self-compassion experience. Neff says that self-compassion is the most impactful when there is a balance between both tender and fierce self-compassion. Using tender self-compassion, we care for and nurture ourselves; using fierce self-compassion, we assert our autonomy and stand up for our rights.

Neff’s original self-compassion model consisted of 3 elements: self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness. In the book Fierce Self-Compassion, Neff applies this 3-element framework to the practice of fierce self-compassion. A balance between tenderness and fierceness is needed because tender self-compassion runs the risk of becoming complacent and passive if not balanced with fierce self-compassion. On the other hand, fierce self-compassion can appear hostile, aggressive,...

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