The Clinical Scene Investigator (CSI) team of Lehigh Valley Health Network–Cedar Crest trauma neuro intensive care unit (TNICU) focused on developing evidence-based strategies to identify and treat delirium.

The CSI team conducted a survey of the TNICU nursing staff regarding their comfort level with using the CAM-ICU. On the basis of the results of the survey, the CSI team provided mandatory CAM-ICU education to all TNICU nurses. After the education intervention, a survey was sent to nurses related to their comfort level with completing the CAM-ICU. Audits were completed to check CAM-ICU documentation compliance and accuracy.

Recommendations for sustaining this CSI project include providing annual mandatory one-on-one education to all TNICU staff, providing education to all new TNICU staff, developing a resource such as a unit reference binder, and using the electronic health record for real-time audits.

The CSI team of Lehigh Valley Health Network–Cedar Crest TNICU decreased the length...

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