In every issue of Critical Care Nurse, the mast-head page identifies a team of approximately 30 contributing editors. To help ensure that our readers have a continuing stream of articles relevant for every major facet of critical care nursing, each contributing editor agrees to provide a series of papers in his or her designated area of expertise. As our current list of columns shows, these areas encompass traditional areas of clinical practice such as Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery, ECGs and Pacemakers, Immunology, Neurology, Pulmonary Care, and Trauma, as well as more recently emerged spheres of practice related to eICU Enhancements, Evidence-Based Practice, Patient Safety, and Patient Transport. Patient age groups range from Neonatal and Pediatric Care to Geriatric Care, and a variety of role and functional areas of practice are represented, including Academic Education, Advanced Practice, Ethical Issues, and Management/Administration. In addition, we are especially delighted to announce that CCN has now established coverage of new columns devoted to Best Practices in Critical Care, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Hematology, Legal Issues, Pain Management, and Skin and Wound Care.

CCN’s contributing editors are not the only authors who submit papers to the journal related to those topic areas. To the contrary, anyone may submit papers to any CCN column. In addition, although most of the contributing editors listed on this issue’s masthead are newly appointed, opportunities for you to serve in this capacity are wide open. As you scan the current column listing, please keep 3 points in mind:

  • Launching of CCN columns is an ongoing activity. We continue to contact critical care nurses who have indicated an interest in serving as a contributing editor to see where his or her interests and expertise can be joined to our readers’ needs. As a result, new CCN columns can be offered at any time.

  • We are currently searching for contributing editors for a number of columns. As soon as we locate individuals with the expertise, publication experience, and commitment to provide papers in the following areas (you may also join with a cocontributor from another nursing specialty such as obstetrics or an allied health field such as nutritional support or clinical pharmacology), we will be pleased to inaugurate these columns:

    • Bariatric Care

    • Complementary and Alternative Therapies

    • Endocrine Care

    • High-risk Obstetric Care

    • Mental Health/Psychiatry

    • Nutrition

    • Pharmacology

    • Progressive Care

    • Renal Care

    • Staff Development

    • Toxicology

    • Transplantation

  • CCN is always open to initiating new columns. As extensive as our current array of columns is, it hardly exhausts the full expanse of specialty and subspecialty areas enveloped under the umbrella of acute care, critical care, and progressive care nursing. If you are interested in serving as a contributing editor for an area we are not currently covering, please contact me (at [email protected]) with the name of the column you believe we should add as well as at least 3 suggested topics for that column.

Finally, I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to our most recently appointed contributing editors. Please join me in congratulating them on their appointment and in communicating with them on articles you would like to read (or write) for their column.

Critical Care Nurse would like to hear about the strategies and approaches your organization has developed to support and lighten the burden of family caregivers. Please e-mail brief descriptions of your programs to us by August 15, 2009, at [email protected], using a Subject line of “Supporting Family Caregivers.” Tell us your success stories and we will compile these and communicate them to all CCN readers as soon as possible.
 Help us help you to provide the best possible care to both critically ill patients and their families.