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Information for Peer Reviewers


Peer reviewers who require a summary of completed reviews for Critical Care Nurse can access this information by logging into Editorial Manager as a reviewer.

If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer for Critical Care Nurse, please send your resume/CV to [email protected]. Prior publication experience and/or clinical expertise is required. We prefer reviewers with a graduate degree or certification in your area of expertise. All disciplines welcome.

Artificial Intelligence

Critical Care Nurse aligns with JAMA network and the National Institutes of Health's positions on the avoidance of artificial intelligence (AI) by peer reviewers to prevent breach of confidentiality of the material being reviewed.

• Do not enter any part of the manuscript (including the abstract) or your review into any AI tool such as a chatbox or language model. Doing so would violate our confidentiality agreement.

• If you use an AI tool in some way that does not violate our confidentiality agreement, you must indicate what tool you used and how you used it.



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